Reminder for those who don’t know, if you have a vagina, make sure to urinate immediately after you have P-in-V sex.  Bacteria can get in your urethra during P-in-V intercourse so as soon as you are done having sex, go to the bathroom go pee, even if it doesn’t feel like you need to, because even a little pee can flush out the bacteria and prevent a UTI.  I didn’t know about this and I got a UTI from my first time, and it was super awful and uncomfortable and unfortunately even those with good sex education rarely learn info like this.  I want everyone with a vagina to know how to prevent it because UTIs suck hard.  That is all.

I was gonna call bullshit but planned parenthood seem to back it up. who knew!

It’s probably good for people with paneenees to do this too, but people with vagoonias ESPECIALLY do this.



If you’d told me that I’d be sharing a Miley Cyrus cover of Jolene because it’s really great, I would have laughed in your face … and yet.

I have a cousin who defends Miley to the death with this video.

Of all the possible arrangements of words in the English language, one that I never figured I would use as often as I do is: “Brandon, shut up about Miley Cyrus!”

Anonymous asked: One thing I have a really big problem with when things get rough is showering and personal hygiene in general. Like I didn't shower from Thursday night to Monday night, even though I did social things and went to work. I have no idea how to get myself to shower. Do you have any tips?





Actually, I’ve written a post about it (find it in the sidebar) because I struggle with the same problem.

First, you need to determine what exactly about showering bothers you. Body image? Proximity to razors? Just don’t care? It could be anything, and the steps you take depend on your answer.

I’m gonna say that unless you’re gross, don’t shower. No need to put yourself through extra stress.

Once you do really feel the need to shower, try solving whatever problem you have with it. Also, try showering in the afternoon or evening so it’s not the first thing you do in the morning.

Good luck!


One thing to note is that society’s push to shower frequently is a relatively recent phenomenon and a luxury; as long as you’re not sick or stinky, you shouldn’t really need to bathe quite so often. Your body chemistry ought to take care of itself. Back in the day bathing was a once-a-week thing done over a shallow communal washbasin, and rarely fully submerged. Contrary to common belief (presumably pushed by modern detergent companies), people back then didn’t actually smell bad, either. 

I’m a fan of afternoon ablutions. Showers are hard for me in the morning, but I love taking outdoor showers in the summer and warm showers before bed. If i am unwell and I have to go out I will wash my hair in the sink and do a  ”whore’s bath” with warm soapy water and a clean washcloth over the sink basin. Doing a clay facial mask is one of my self-care tools, so sometimes I do that, which is fun and makes me feel pampered. And if I can’t manage any of that stuff I powder my hair with cornstarch to soak up the dirt & oil and make it fluffy, wash my face, and put on moisturizer.

I agree with this completely.

I personally don’t shower for three or four days at a time, and nobody knows the difference. Of course there are many reasons to shower every day, but they certainly don’t apply to everyone.

My skin really objects to daily soap bathing, so I don’t necessarily shower every day. I don’t wash my hair but once a week, and sometimes, all I do is rinse off in the shower. But yeah, if you’re worried about sweat or anything on your body but don’t want to shower, I’d say just wipe yourself down with a warm, wet washcloth and be done with it.

But for a really luxe feeling after a shower, while you’re still wet in the shower, rub some oil (olive, coconut, sweet almond, even avocado - anything good and moisturizing) all over your skin in a really thin layer, rinse and rub down with a washcloth, and then pat dry. I’d do this before bed so you can go without actual clothes for a bit and let the oil sink in.

notactuallysherlock asked: What are your thoughts on Laverne Cox not making the time 100, despite her getting like the fifth most votes in the polls?


Laverne Cox is the most visible trans person of color in the world and she has helped millions of people to learn about trans people and the discrimination they face. I think Laverne Cox is one of the most important and influential people in the world and should’ve been included in the TIME 100.


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"Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery." Malcolm X


"Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery."
Malcolm X

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Eliot Spencer + TV Tropes


"I think what we need is a colorblind society." Now folks, when you hear somebody say that you know you’re listening to a racist…

- Jane Elliot and Oprah Winfrey discussing racism in 1992 on the Oprah Winfrey Show.